Saturday, August 27, 2011

You're my New Obsession

This may seem odd, but im blogging with dye in my hair. Talk about multi.tasking!

I'm going back to black 'Amy Wino says ''You go back to her and I'll go back to black''
I just have to share my new music obsession Rizzle Kicks, They're brilliant..well in my opinion anyway.
I LOVE anything and everything british, including guys lol
The clothes, music, vibe, style, people, places, lifestyle.

I'd rather listen to brit music ANYDAY and most especially Rizzle Kicks. I have a bit of a crush on Jordan the rapper ......oops
Can't wait for you guys to see my black hair, the new stuff that I bought yesterday and today :D eeeeeek.
Black hair is so sexy yet so rockNroll at the same time./ I've included a few of my fav Rizzle Kicks video's for you guys to check out. Hope you love them as much as I do !!
The dubstep may be my fav song at the moment but I ultimately love all the tunes.
Its the remix of Lily allen's song, The Fear. Which just reminds me of when I got to be all cool and do a photoshoot ''I'll take my clothes of and it will be shameless but everyone knows, thats how you get famous'' LOL
I love the style of the Rizzle Kicks. I'm obsessed.. can you tell?

Love the Beat of this tune,
Miss Cigarette
Other fav
Rizzle #1 Fan ;)

xx Mics !!

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