Thursday, September 22, 2011

Totally Waisted

Hi Dolls
I just wanted to share my Favourite outfit from my little vacay.
I'm obsessed with high waisted shorts and I found this pair on Kloof Street at a place called The wardrobe.

High Tea at The One&Only in Cape Town
I'm Wearing
Booties from Zoom
Woolworth's Leggings
High Waisted Shorts from The Wardrobe
Woolworth's Top
Necklace from Queenspark (who would have thought)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Now

Sorry for the absence but in my last post I mentioned that I was off to Cape Town, I arrived back in Durban last night after a very unexpected short flight :)

Cape Town being such a fashion capital of South Africa.. It was awesome to dress up and wear a mix of cool things!

I sure did have an amazing time though I did spend a lot of the time being upset over stuff and trying to hide it. Such sadness is POINTLESS. I repeat POINTLESS.

I could write a few essays of whats wrong and how I wish they were better but we need to realise that its wasted energy. I watched the Movie Friends with Benefits on the weekend and it made me think that Love can indeed be just like the movies.. It just needs a little effort..

I always leave Cape Town crying lol Its just such a routine now! Crying because everything is a mess.

I don't really care who you are.. you really deserve a love that is out of this world.. if it isn't out of this world then it just isn't amazing love. I speak of young love of course because I still have a lot to learn but I sure do know when you are determined to do anything for the one you love and risk it all... you love whole hearted.. I did expect to be hurt I must admit.. but that just means it was part of a plan and in time it will all make sense.. I wish I could say everything but.. You would think I'm retarded for still sticking around when clearly I should have blocked it out a long time ago.. I will not waste any more time being angry or upset over What Could Have Been because that will always remain What Could Have Been. For now.. I wait for an exception to show me that you'd do anything for the one you <3 go on,, waste a day with me being in love and doing pointless things because that's all I truly wanted.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey peeps
I am VERY excited today as I finished my trial exams./. One step closer to the end. Feeling like a swap of emotions but I wasn't the type that loved school lol
Well.. some days i did.

Later on this week I am venturing to Cape Town/ Plans and outfits are running through my head as I type this post. Many outfits and pictures to come. I always do the 6:30am flight because I don't want to miss out on any time. Celebrations are well overdue and we may pop some bubbly to celebrate :D I feel like I haven't been out in ages! I love getting all dressed with the big hair, pretty outfit and smelling divine of course.

I went shopping yesterday, I bought the new Elie Saab perfume. It is my fav,, very sexy and a few other things which will be unveiled in my photo blogs to come. This is such an exciting time for me :) This song puts everything in place!! LISTEN HERE!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring Street Style Paris '11

Thought it would be cool to share a few Paris pics to see how they dress for spring.. Love the mixture of colour! The style is C'est tres Magnifique!Paris Fashion week 2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Today I spent the day worrying. Hoping. wishing
Worrying 1. For everyone around you to be happy and see that ray of sunshine.
Hoping.   1. For someone to really ask how you're doing? Even though you may say ''I'm fine'' about 20 times
Wishing.  1. That you are appreciated for the little things that you do or simply being who you are to people/ That maybe one day someone would think about you and do something kind/selfless. That someone would love you entirely.
                                     Looking at Life Through a Loaded Gun

Something about My Cool Nebraska Guy

I love this Song...
Take a look at the video, Its quite sick and twisted
Though.. even sick.twisted people want that happy ending.
Tons of S&M
Its Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga

I want to whip my hair and run around too haha

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Eyes on Fire

I love I love esp On this Tuesday evening !

mmm Where To?

Its been a while

:) Remember these guys?

Whatever you like

Tuesday Vibes
1. Green Monster smoothies.
You are seriously missing out if you don't start your day with Green juices, They taste amazing and they're so good for you :)
 A simple recipe I use..its really easy and quick.

Green Monster
A handful of spinach leaves
Really ripe banana
A little water
This is the base for your smoothie..

You can play around and add different things to it..
Like today I added maple syrup
Chia Seeds
Super foods fruit powder
Flax seed oil


Monday, September 05, 2011

I talk to Express Not to Impress

Nomadic citizen of the world, I interpret and express my travels and experiences of different cultures through mystyle of dress.Everything  serves as inspiration.All things dash is inspired from different corners of the world, I create my own fusion and definition of what style is soley through my perspective, hoping to give my audience a solid

creative legit mind fuck.

This song has kept me on a buzz FOR DAYS


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Darling Nikki

I have To share my ris-kay song with you guys. It makes me feel quite Superwomen like and most of all ULTRA MISCHIEVOUS ;)

I never quite understood why people died over Prince.. but after this song.. I think I died a bit too haha

Darling Nikki - Prince

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Celebrating Spring At Night

Hey Fools, I'm so celebrating this spring deal @night since I have had no time in the day lol
So anyway, This is VERY candid.I love it nonetheless.. fashion looks good at anytime right? Even if the pics are taken on my blackberry by my darling mother (Love you mommy) thanks for being your childs photographer :)

So anyway.. I''ve been dying to wear this outfit :D

The crop is By Lululemon
Jacket is TopShop
Skirt is By Jacob Annexe
Socks..School socks ;)
Botties from zoom

Hope you like my in the night garden look/Gorilla photoshoot

Jeans Just Got a Shitload Cooler


I am SO happy that its spring, I can definitely feel the heat..ooooh I love it :D

Anyway.. Have you seen the latest Levi's jean ad Go Forth??
ITS BRILLIANT. I love it, It makes me want to go out and but a pair so I can be so freaking cool like the peeps in this video. PLEASE PLEASE watch it :)

Inspirasie !!