Monday, October 31, 2011

Spreading The Word

I totally feel like an intruder on my own blog. Everything has just been super duper cray cray

Today.. I want you to take a look at our new facebook page. Well, my sisters and I have created it to just share interesting/fun things that we enjoy. We are currently in the RAW FOOD phase and I love getting recipes and ideas from my sisters. I really couldn't ever imagine life without them.. We are indeed separated as they live on the other side of the world but it really doesn't stop us from always keeping updated on the latest. So hope you like our brand new Misha Dollhouse page . Hopefully it will grow and we can keep filling you in on the loop.

Misha Dollhouse facebook page

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yellow Diamonds In The Light

I'm obsessed.. I love this Song but more so THE VIDEO! It reminds me of The series Skins, I feel like this video sums up my previous posts on my theory of LOVE and how I believe it should be :)
xx Enjoy my new obsession/ how cute is the guy in the video...... haahaha

Oh to be WILD&FREE.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Liking Lykke Li

My Brit obsession lives on and is currently being focused on Lykke Li :)
Not only is her music beautiful but her style is also, I love the messy yet stylish look. She's full of character and really not afraid to be herself which I love the most! I really love individualism.. One should never be afraid to embrace their style or better yet themselves.

Anyway.. I have pretty pics which will make sense shortly.

peace ladybabies

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Dog Days Are Over

Hello People!

Tomorrow is my last day at school EVER. I thought I'd be over it but I'm actually a little sad because I wont get to see my friends and share that friendly bond with all the girls.. But anyway its only fitting that I share a few pics of the best night of our year which indeed was Our Matric Dance :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Daily Dose Of Stalkage

Hello. It sure has been a while!

I feel unorganised and it probably shows with the layout of my blog. Bare with me I'm still trying to figure it all out.

I've been dabbing in a lot recently.. Hooked up to (on the right of this page) I sure do feel intimidated by all the beautiful pictures and I guess knowing a photographer sure does make a difference by the looks of things.. I couldn't help but wonder how they're able to have such stunning pics everyday.. Do they just tell their photographer friend to meet at a spot and take AMAZING pics?? I may be a tad jealous. haha

So anyway I'm back and I took full advantage of Local Designer Cleo Droomers line at the mall. It really is beautiful, I bought a simple white cropped top, a deep v-neck and a High waisted floral skirt. I feel REALLY fashionable/ But more so I feel really cool when I listen to The Lady is a Tramp (err I said I felt cool??) LOL. Lady Gaga looks really fly and I love love the lace dress.. :) I wish I got to live in the era of that specific type of music. Enjoy XX

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Totally Waisted

Hi Dolls
I just wanted to share my Favourite outfit from my little vacay.
I'm obsessed with high waisted shorts and I found this pair on Kloof Street at a place called The wardrobe.

High Tea at The One&Only in Cape Town
I'm Wearing
Booties from Zoom
Woolworth's Leggings
High Waisted Shorts from The Wardrobe
Woolworth's Top
Necklace from Queenspark (who would have thought)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Now

Sorry for the absence but in my last post I mentioned that I was off to Cape Town, I arrived back in Durban last night after a very unexpected short flight :)

Cape Town being such a fashion capital of South Africa.. It was awesome to dress up and wear a mix of cool things!

I sure did have an amazing time though I did spend a lot of the time being upset over stuff and trying to hide it. Such sadness is POINTLESS. I repeat POINTLESS.

I could write a few essays of whats wrong and how I wish they were better but we need to realise that its wasted energy. I watched the Movie Friends with Benefits on the weekend and it made me think that Love can indeed be just like the movies.. It just needs a little effort..

I always leave Cape Town crying lol Its just such a routine now! Crying because everything is a mess.

I don't really care who you are.. you really deserve a love that is out of this world.. if it isn't out of this world then it just isn't amazing love. I speak of young love of course because I still have a lot to learn but I sure do know when you are determined to do anything for the one you love and risk it all... you love whole hearted.. I did expect to be hurt I must admit.. but that just means it was part of a plan and in time it will all make sense.. I wish I could say everything but.. You would think I'm retarded for still sticking around when clearly I should have blocked it out a long time ago.. I will not waste any more time being angry or upset over What Could Have Been because that will always remain What Could Have Been. For now.. I wait for an exception to show me that you'd do anything for the one you <3 go on,, waste a day with me being in love and doing pointless things because that's all I truly wanted.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey peeps
I am VERY excited today as I finished my trial exams./. One step closer to the end. Feeling like a swap of emotions but I wasn't the type that loved school lol
Well.. some days i did.

Later on this week I am venturing to Cape Town/ Plans and outfits are running through my head as I type this post. Many outfits and pictures to come. I always do the 6:30am flight because I don't want to miss out on any time. Celebrations are well overdue and we may pop some bubbly to celebrate :D I feel like I haven't been out in ages! I love getting all dressed with the big hair, pretty outfit and smelling divine of course.

I went shopping yesterday, I bought the new Elie Saab perfume. It is my fav,, very sexy and a few other things which will be unveiled in my photo blogs to come. This is such an exciting time for me :) This song puts everything in place!! LISTEN HERE!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring Street Style Paris '11

Thought it would be cool to share a few Paris pics to see how they dress for spring.. Love the mixture of colour! The style is C'est tres Magnifique!Paris Fashion week 2011

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Today I spent the day worrying. Hoping. wishing
Worrying 1. For everyone around you to be happy and see that ray of sunshine.
Hoping.   1. For someone to really ask how you're doing? Even though you may say ''I'm fine'' about 20 times
Wishing.  1. That you are appreciated for the little things that you do or simply being who you are to people/ That maybe one day someone would think about you and do something kind/selfless. That someone would love you entirely.
                                     Looking at Life Through a Loaded Gun

Something about My Cool Nebraska Guy

I love this Song...
Take a look at the video, Its quite sick and twisted
Though.. even sick.twisted people want that happy ending.
Tons of S&M
Its Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga

I want to whip my hair and run around too haha

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Eyes on Fire

I love I love esp On this Tuesday evening !

mmm Where To?

Its been a while

:) Remember these guys?

Whatever you like

Tuesday Vibes
1. Green Monster smoothies.
You are seriously missing out if you don't start your day with Green juices, They taste amazing and they're so good for you :)
 A simple recipe I use..its really easy and quick.

Green Monster
A handful of spinach leaves
Really ripe banana
A little water
This is the base for your smoothie..

You can play around and add different things to it..
Like today I added maple syrup
Chia Seeds
Super foods fruit powder
Flax seed oil


Monday, September 05, 2011

I talk to Express Not to Impress

Nomadic citizen of the world, I interpret and express my travels and experiences of different cultures through mystyle of dress.Everything  serves as inspiration.All things dash is inspired from different corners of the world, I create my own fusion and definition of what style is soley through my perspective, hoping to give my audience a solid

creative legit mind fuck.

This song has kept me on a buzz FOR DAYS


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Darling Nikki

I have To share my ris-kay song with you guys. It makes me feel quite Superwomen like and most of all ULTRA MISCHIEVOUS ;)

I never quite understood why people died over Prince.. but after this song.. I think I died a bit too haha

Darling Nikki - Prince

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Celebrating Spring At Night

Hey Fools, I'm so celebrating this spring deal @night since I have had no time in the day lol
So anyway, This is VERY candid.I love it nonetheless.. fashion looks good at anytime right? Even if the pics are taken on my blackberry by my darling mother (Love you mommy) thanks for being your childs photographer :)

So anyway.. I''ve been dying to wear this outfit :D

The crop is By Lululemon
Jacket is TopShop
Skirt is By Jacob Annexe
Socks..School socks ;)
Botties from zoom

Hope you like my in the night garden look/Gorilla photoshoot

Jeans Just Got a Shitload Cooler


I am SO happy that its spring, I can definitely feel the heat..ooooh I love it :D

Anyway.. Have you seen the latest Levi's jean ad Go Forth??
ITS BRILLIANT. I love it, It makes me want to go out and but a pair so I can be so freaking cool like the peeps in this video. PLEASE PLEASE watch it :)

Inspirasie !!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You need Me.. I don't need you

Hi all!

Hope that the week has been going great, I'm thick into my exams at the moment.. I haven't completely forgotten about blogging but it has taken the back seat over the last few days.

I booked my tickets for Cape Town yesterday YIPPEE!
I honestly can't wait to dress up, go everywhere and take LOADS of pictures of course.

Something that I've been thinking about which by listening to Ed Sheeran's you need me, I don't need you song is that, You should not be treated like anything but the best. Seriously..ever heard of the saying.. If you want me in your life, You will find a way to put me there! OR even better, If you think someone means so much to you, you will definitely go out of your way to show them that. But I feel like I'm done with feeling like I need you and you don't need me, Because it doesn't work the way right!! So I refuse To be a second option, so until you act like a real person. I don't need you!

anyway. Check out Ed's song. Don't stand for bullshit, Honestly.. you're better that than. So much BETTER.

Ed Sheeran- You need me, I don't need you

Monday, August 29, 2011

Busy Times

Happy Monday Everyone
Today I wrote 6hours worth of exams and I will admit that yesterday,I was scared out of my MIND,

I needed a serious pick me up, all day I just couldnt stop thinking about Cape Town.. The things that I intend of going, some special party ideas for the bff.. and lets just say I have an amazing trick up my sleeve. I'm so excited to be seeing my lovely ladayy On wednesday :)
 I've been listening to Ed Sheeran quite a lot recently, its calming and beautiful.
 I'll add in a link for you guys to check it out.

As I said previously, I needed a pickmeupper and looking at pretty stylish pics always does the trick.
Take a look at these two pics, they're my fav :)

The first pic makes me quite keen to get another tattoo which I hope to get done in cape town, exciting times ahead no doubt. Not to mention these girls have killer style, they're Taken from

Here's that Ed song I promised
Skinny Love By Ed Sheeran

Another one I've for a very very long time is By Paolo Nutini
Last Request By Paolo Nutini

Saturday, August 27, 2011

You're my New Obsession

This may seem odd, but im blogging with dye in my hair. Talk about multi.tasking!

I'm going back to black 'Amy Wino says ''You go back to her and I'll go back to black''
I just have to share my new music obsession Rizzle Kicks, They're brilliant..well in my opinion anyway.
I LOVE anything and everything british, including guys lol
The clothes, music, vibe, style, people, places, lifestyle.

I'd rather listen to brit music ANYDAY and most especially Rizzle Kicks. I have a bit of a crush on Jordan the rapper ......oops
Can't wait for you guys to see my black hair, the new stuff that I bought yesterday and today :D eeeeeek.
Black hair is so sexy yet so rockNroll at the same time./ I've included a few of my fav Rizzle Kicks video's for you guys to check out. Hope you love them as much as I do !!
The dubstep may be my fav song at the moment but I ultimately love all the tunes.
Its the remix of Lily allen's song, The Fear. Which just reminds me of when I got to be all cool and do a photoshoot ''I'll take my clothes of and it will be shameless but everyone knows, thats how you get famous'' LOL
I love the style of the Rizzle Kicks. I'm obsessed.. can you tell?

Love the Beat of this tune,
Miss Cigarette
Other fav
Rizzle #1 Fan ;)

xx Mics !!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Time has come...... To wear less!

I'm far too excited that summer is near :)

I wanted to show you guys a few looks that I've been loving. Can't wait to try them out, its definitely much more fun teenager like.

Things I'm looking for..
High waist shorts(Going to try jayjays)
Dotted stockings (Should be at forever New)
A denim button.up(Seen one at woolworths)
Mix it all up with an awesome jacket and the outfit is DONE!

Also, what I've been thinking about is a droopy vest, the one where the sides show of your Bra! When I get one, I'll defs post it on here :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Visual Stuff

This pretty much sums up how i've been feeling
I miss a few things today
Eden (My dear cousin)
My mind
My sister
Being a Kid

Awesome Video

So I found this really cool video. Please don't stop waering make up after this but just think about what you put your poor face through!

I love make-up, defs a M.A.C queen for life. Be a school girl like myself and only wear make-up on weekends :)

Welcome the natural look ..A Years Worth of Make-up

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kim Kardashians wedding song

Definitely worth a listen :) click ------> Angels _ Robin Thicke

Best Tweet Ever

I just received  a tweet from the Pastor Joseph Prince. I am nowhere near religious.. but I just thought I'd follow him on twitter for words of wisdom. I respect every religion and feel excited about learning ways of different Cultures/Traditions. Therefore I treat every religion as if I am a part of it.

Anyway.. This is what it said  ''Hi, thanks for allowing me to be part of your world&to be able to speak into your life. Remember, you are destined to reign, be abundantly blessed!''

I feel as though I can now take over the world as through God, anything is possible.

Monday Thoughts

Happy Monday Everyone!
I am reminded that its officially a week that I start trials.. I cannot bare see my last tweet because I'm falling short of my own promises to study. Which by the by have commenced, well kinda.
I will make a better effort though, once fluffy the cat gets of my books!

So far, I've only heard good things about my blog  though I do feel it lacks that certain edge. In time I'm sure it will piece together.

I see that stores such as woolworths are already starting to display summer wear which makes my heart VERY happy. Whats not to love about prancing in a bikini and kaftan all day??

I had this deep feeling of needing to help people today and what better way to start than to visit a chilrens home down the road from my school, I really want to make a difference in someones life and help out in whatever way I can. I hope that oneday maybe I could even start my own organisation which reaches out to women who are victims of Abuse and Rape. All is well to lead a good life, never short of anything and complain that we constantly need more. I will admit, theres always something that I want. That is why I am making a concerted effort to put all of my needs and wants aside and start helping others.

We are truly lucky that we have a meal to eat everday, choice of clothing and most importantly Shelter!

I will confess, I am selfish. I'm not perfect but I am making plans to change that and to even spend an hour or two with these little children who have been abandonded. I truly feel this knot in my throat as I'm typing. I really do want to make a difference in this world and help those less fortunate than myself.

I truly hope that I've inspired you in someway to get out there and help those around you.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.  ~Mother Teresa

Let me remind you that there is no price tag on love, if you emrace somone with kindness and warmth. You have already gievn them the world!


I expect to pass through life but once.  If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.  ~William Penn

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last One Standing

Its sunday so soon :(

I have had such an amazing weekend!! I wish I could go back and slow things down a bit. On friday, I tried wearing a turban, I felt SO cool and different. I've also come to the final conclusion that Durban doesn't appreciate such dare devils like myself when it comes to style. I had the weird look a few times, but it didnt phase me..

On saturday before going to the mall to do a promo, I headed to a little boutique called Plain Jane, I found the most amazing vintage top called Moth. I think i'm pretty much inlove with it. I also found really cute wedges at Mr price. I love that store, its so funky and I always find random stuff in there when I least expect it. Its also pretty cheap so you can buy tons of different pieces and always change what you're wearing or update your look.

I wore the mix up to my uncles birthday dinner party, it was really sweet and the food was amazing (north indian styled)

Today I bid farewell to my cousin Daryl whom is pretty much my bother, it was his dads birthday, so his girlfriend Michelle came down also.

I realised that my hair is extremely long (reaches my derriere)
or at least I think it goes that way lol.

I'm already planning a next trip to Cape Town . So excited .
Definitely need to work hard to reward myself with this special trip, It will also be my bff Sehrishs 19th bday and I really want to do something special for her. I feel like I've found my soul mate.. She is really the best friend to me! I'd be so lost without her. We've pretty much been through so much together and stood by each other wiping the tears away and always know what to do to make each other smile. The distance between us doesnt make anything different. I can't even count the many times I've cried in her arms over boys lol When we see each other its like nothing ever changed! Till death do us part :) I love you

One of the days at school.. My friend kirsty was talking to me about her bf cheating, his excuse was alcohol. LOL. but anyway, she said something with really made me think.. Picture this : If you are really drunk at a club with a sibling present. You sure do know not to kiss your sibling, so howcome knowing who your gf/bf is.. see another girl/guy, hook up and blame it on alcohol.. Do you see where im heading with this? As drunk as you are, you know not to kiss your brother or sister . So you must know that this girl/guy thats coming onto you isnt your gf/bf.. but you'd still hookup! Just something to contemplate..
I hope you all had a great weekend :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

When was the last time you did Something for the first time?

I am beyond thrilled today :D
Last weekend whilst in the Drakensberg, Something happened... I braved the cold to have my pictures taken by the most beautiful and talented Stephanie Nicolaas, who happens to be my newest cousin! It was absolute spur of the moment and I was shaken with excitment. We literally played around and spotted the good backrounds,It really was the best experience ever. I mean, I am definitely no model, so all the posing without any smiles was new to be. Serious And Sexy was the look of the day!

I have two pics to share, Each from the two different looks we did. The first being Au Natural and the second, a sari inspired draping.

The giggles were so us and the set was perfect, I mean its almost like it was meant to be. It exceeded my every expectation, who better to take such beautiful pictures, especially seeing as it was my first photoshoot ever.

I felt so comfortable in my own skin, Be proud of who you are. Booty and all!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gym Bunny!

So today I decided to get back into the gym thing. I really felt so good afterwards!
After all Amanda from Ugly Betty once said ''Good things come to those who weigh less''

My amazing sisters introduced me to LuLuLemon a while back and I've been hooked ever since. It is great, stylish work out clothes for women. I mean, we all want to work out and look amazing at the same time. Lululemon has a huge range of really retro gear so you never have to feel like a frump.
The clothes are really comfortable so you're not really suffering for fashion. You actually look like quite the professional ;)

My gym gear today included really awesome black lululemon running pants which make your ass look OH SO HOT, jayjay's slouchy top, lululemon sports bra which looks like a bikini top and a Denim look lulu jacket. I felt like i've been training for years haha !!
I've included a few pics just for you to get a feel of their style. As I told my sister on a previous skype session, where she was wearing their running shorts. If I saw her running on the road in those shorts.. I would crash my car, so can you imagine how hot anyone else would look rocking lululemon!!
Hot workout song - This moment_Nic Chagall, In<3 with it