Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last One Standing

Its sunday so soon :(

I have had such an amazing weekend!! I wish I could go back and slow things down a bit. On friday, I tried wearing a turban, I felt SO cool and different. I've also come to the final conclusion that Durban doesn't appreciate such dare devils like myself when it comes to style. I had the weird look a few times, but it didnt phase me..

On saturday before going to the mall to do a promo, I headed to a little boutique called Plain Jane, I found the most amazing vintage top called Moth. I think i'm pretty much inlove with it. I also found really cute wedges at Mr price. I love that store, its so funky and I always find random stuff in there when I least expect it. Its also pretty cheap so you can buy tons of different pieces and always change what you're wearing or update your look.

I wore the mix up to my uncles birthday dinner party, it was really sweet and the food was amazing (north indian styled)

Today I bid farewell to my cousin Daryl whom is pretty much my bother, it was his dads birthday, so his girlfriend Michelle came down also.

I realised that my hair is extremely long (reaches my derriere)
or at least I think it goes that way lol.

I'm already planning a next trip to Cape Town . So excited .
Definitely need to work hard to reward myself with this special trip, It will also be my bff Sehrishs 19th bday and I really want to do something special for her. I feel like I've found my soul mate.. She is really the best friend to me! I'd be so lost without her. We've pretty much been through so much together and stood by each other wiping the tears away and always know what to do to make each other smile. The distance between us doesnt make anything different. I can't even count the many times I've cried in her arms over boys lol When we see each other its like nothing ever changed! Till death do us part :) I love you

One of the days at school.. My friend kirsty was talking to me about her bf cheating, his excuse was alcohol. LOL. but anyway, she said something with really made me think.. Picture this : If you are really drunk at a club with a sibling present. You sure do know not to kiss your sibling, so howcome knowing who your gf/bf is.. see another girl/guy, hook up and blame it on alcohol.. Do you see where im heading with this? As drunk as you are, you know not to kiss your brother or sister . So you must know that this girl/guy thats coming onto you isnt your gf/bf.. but you'd still hookup! Just something to contemplate..
I hope you all had a great weekend :)

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