Thursday, August 18, 2011

When was the last time you did Something for the first time?

I am beyond thrilled today :D
Last weekend whilst in the Drakensberg, Something happened... I braved the cold to have my pictures taken by the most beautiful and talented Stephanie Nicolaas, who happens to be my newest cousin! It was absolute spur of the moment and I was shaken with excitment. We literally played around and spotted the good backrounds,It really was the best experience ever. I mean, I am definitely no model, so all the posing without any smiles was new to be. Serious And Sexy was the look of the day!

I have two pics to share, Each from the two different looks we did. The first being Au Natural and the second, a sari inspired draping.

The giggles were so us and the set was perfect, I mean its almost like it was meant to be. It exceeded my every expectation, who better to take such beautiful pictures, especially seeing as it was my first photoshoot ever.

I felt so comfortable in my own skin, Be proud of who you are. Booty and all!!

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