Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gym Bunny!

So today I decided to get back into the gym thing. I really felt so good afterwards!
After all Amanda from Ugly Betty once said ''Good things come to those who weigh less''

My amazing sisters introduced me to LuLuLemon a while back and I've been hooked ever since. It is great, stylish work out clothes for women. I mean, we all want to work out and look amazing at the same time. Lululemon has a huge range of really retro gear so you never have to feel like a frump.
The clothes are really comfortable so you're not really suffering for fashion. You actually look like quite the professional ;)

My gym gear today included really awesome black lululemon running pants which make your ass look OH SO HOT, jayjay's slouchy top, lululemon sports bra which looks like a bikini top and a Denim look lulu jacket. I felt like i've been training for years haha !!
I've included a few pics just for you to get a feel of their style. As I told my sister on a previous skype session, where she was wearing their running shorts. If I saw her running on the road in those shorts.. I would crash my car, so can you imagine how hot anyone else would look rocking lululemon!!
Hot workout song - This moment_Nic Chagall, In<3 with it

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  1. Love this post! So well said! You rock those Lulu clothes,we are awesome Lulu Ambassadors!!!
    hahahahahahah yes you did tell me that you would CRASH!!! Thank you for the compliment. When I come,we shall do a whole segment of Forever 21,you will simply love your new stuff! And we have quite the Joe collection now too
    Oh and your derriere does look super HOT in those pants! Love you