Friday, August 12, 2011

Me again

Hi All :) As i'm still trying to figure out how to personalise my blog, I'd like to Thank everyone who has viewed it..being family,friends and of course all my new cyber friends!
A lot has being happening this week, matric is not for the faint hearted. Deadlines and tons of studying to do, as well as drama backlogged in the back of your mind. There is just so much to do, I have come to realise how you respond and handle it will eventually teach you to avoid all the negativity.
Peace and happiness.. is that too much to ask for??
I mean, I should be the one allowed to have meltdowns. hahaha but anyway, As much as I dislike matric, I need to do well to build my future and expand my horizons.
I definitely feel many sleepless nights ahead of me. Nonetheless, My family and I are on a trip to the mountains very early in the AM, currently thinking about the outfits I have mentally matched up ;)
Alexa Chung has recently become one of my fashion idols, her outfits are so simple, yet stylishly out together. She always looks bright eyed and comfortable in her own choice of mash ups. I admire her ability to put together a look without trying very hard.

One last mention, I have discovered that Annie Leibovitz has done a photoshoot for the Kardashian Line at Sears, It is perfection personified!.


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