Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You need Me.. I don't need you

Hi all!

Hope that the week has been going great, I'm thick into my exams at the moment.. I haven't completely forgotten about blogging but it has taken the back seat over the last few days.

I booked my tickets for Cape Town yesterday YIPPEE!
I honestly can't wait to dress up, go everywhere and take LOADS of pictures of course.

Something that I've been thinking about which by listening to Ed Sheeran's you need me, I don't need you song is that, You should not be treated like anything but the best. Seriously..ever heard of the saying.. If you want me in your life, You will find a way to put me there! OR even better, If you think someone means so much to you, you will definitely go out of your way to show them that. But I feel like I'm done with feeling like I need you and you don't need me, Because it doesn't work the way right!! So I refuse To be a second option, so until you act like a real person. I don't need you!

anyway. Check out Ed's song. Don't stand for bullshit, Honestly.. you're better that than. So much BETTER.

Ed Sheeran- You need me, I don't need you

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