Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Blues And Sad Goodbyes

Finally Back home after an AMAZING weekend to the country. I have to admit that I learnt a lot this trip. Its an amazing escape!
Very beautiful and quiet. I somehow managed the packing task pretty well as I only tucked away what was needed, unlike the last Cape Twon trip where I sat on my suitcase in the parking lot trying to close it lol.
So first things first, as far as fashion goes, I rocked the country road look which is soft neutral colours, Soft browns and knit. I tried wearing leggings and denim shorts for the first time and quite enjoyed it! This morning was sad as we parted our different ways :( I sure do miss the fun giggles.

Being with my family and our new american addittion made me realise how greateful I am to have such amazing people around me.
Turning this into an appreciation post but It really is so important to stop and Say a simple THANK YOU!

When last did you Thank someone simply for being themselves?

I feel like there is tons of catching up to do as far as the posts go but I'm certain that i'll slowly catch up.

Currently listening to the Adele 21 album, I personally think it is BRILLIANT. I'm inlove with almost every song on there.
Regrets and Mistakes, they're all memeories made.
I am a hopeless romantic!! There I said it. (Emo moment)
Something has been going through my mind this past weekend..
LOVE VIBES. Adele has sparked this sneaky thought but I cannot wait for the day that we all find our Prince/Princess. Of course, you have to go through a few toads and I sure have had my fair share, thats just a part of growing up, even though we hope that the toad will oneday turn into a Prince! 
Something to think about

Forgive your past and simply be mine!
Big kisses

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  1. You are so wonder I look to you for advice and share all my secrets with.Wise beyond your years! I wish I could have been a part of the Draks trip..I cant wait to see pics. We sure know about those toads,but as Kievey said,your Prince is coming! Love you