Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Now

Sorry for the absence but in my last post I mentioned that I was off to Cape Town, I arrived back in Durban last night after a very unexpected short flight :)

Cape Town being such a fashion capital of South Africa.. It was awesome to dress up and wear a mix of cool things!

I sure did have an amazing time though I did spend a lot of the time being upset over stuff and trying to hide it. Such sadness is POINTLESS. I repeat POINTLESS.

I could write a few essays of whats wrong and how I wish they were better but we need to realise that its wasted energy. I watched the Movie Friends with Benefits on the weekend and it made me think that Love can indeed be just like the movies.. It just needs a little effort..

I always leave Cape Town crying lol Its just such a routine now! Crying because everything is a mess.

I don't really care who you are.. you really deserve a love that is out of this world.. if it isn't out of this world then it just isn't amazing love. I speak of young love of course because I still have a lot to learn but I sure do know when you are determined to do anything for the one you love and risk it all... you love whole hearted.. I did expect to be hurt I must admit.. but that just means it was part of a plan and in time it will all make sense.. I wish I could say everything but.. You would think I'm retarded for still sticking around when clearly I should have blocked it out a long time ago.. I will not waste any more time being angry or upset over What Could Have Been because that will always remain What Could Have Been. For now.. I wait for an exception to show me that you'd do anything for the one you <3 go on,, waste a day with me being in love and doing pointless things because that's all I truly wanted.

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